Date(s) - 10/17/2021
8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Amelia Island - Oak Marsh

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Registration begins at 8:00am – Shotgun start at 9:00am

Questions: (833) 287-3787 or tournaments@herogolftour.com

Florida Qualifiers Score Card


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Adam Fox90775347455353447476
Alex Diemer99684556574653776546
Alvin Thompson92565355556465555476
Anthony Scaggs80775347355433444345
Apollo Pedersen83565646464434465443
Bob Zinchuk84554445446573453475
Brandon Good85764453276463564445
Brittany Bradley98665665455675655367
Dan Molter104665647575586764377
Daryl Jones106676574566765555678
Eric Johnson90665544466736474553
Evan Vickers85453244336454557678
James Brookman109787666367586577456
James Mannino112777856666586657377
James Porter85554445456573453475
Jammie Jones82634335445363666357
Jason Sparks88534344455465666567
Jim Smith93547267457656563375
Joe Cornish90555346567665565353
Jose Diaz66456343345333434342
Justin Wood93574356658563546555
Kevin Martinez96575544376485545478
Kevin Rose106675446467774577578
Kyle Dingman96783345467675474376
Larry Bristow88475355555463456466
Mark Stewart102764456465784475668
Marlin Howley93755467345753374657
Matt Martin105665476465686457578
Mike Batten66464344345333434342
Morrey Cooksie101674466368456567657
Ned Harlow89665455375464554465
Pat Bowen94766344456486645466
Paul Watson95675455367565555457
Phil Vickers98666675355463575478
Ralph Kauzlarich88565444376434555567
Raymond Lutzen95625456476646457576
Robert Harding96677365466454555657
Robert McClellan88536355266584654447
Robert Ortiz Lopes91565565374564665355
Rodney Meyer79554364345453455356
Ryan Vickers93445456377365567448
Saisuni Meyer79554364345453455356
Shawn Graham93565354455784574646
Sherrod Younge88564364555464555457
Stanley Peters98685245466473577478
Taylor Barrett110784457377786766477
Taylor Yerby92775345354565357675
Tim Liston97486566366675465455
Tom Kidd72743344355433444345
William Randolph96555465467565665457
William Velez91565565374564665355

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