Date(s) - 10/13/2021
8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Callaway Gardens

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Georgia & Atlanta Qualifiers Score Card


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Allen Blackwell000000000000000000
Ashby ALexander000000000000000000
CECIL MEADOWS000000000000000000
CLEVELAND GARY000000000000000000
CLIFF MCKINNEY000000000000000000
CRAIG PARSONS000000000000000000
DON GOWING000000000000000000
DONALD BURNS000000000000000000
Ector Walker000000000000000000
ELCEE BURKE000000000000000000
Ellis Jones000000000000000000
GARY GIBSON000000000000000000
Greg Williams000000000000000000
Jack WEbb000000000000000000
James Porter000000000000000000
JC Hall000000000000000000
JD KENT000000000000000000
Josh King000000000000000000
JUSTIN D’AGOSTINO000000000000000000
KENNETH SEATON000000000000000000
KEVIN NORRIS000000000000000000
Lawrence Usher000000000000000000
Lee Butler000000000000000000
Marty Bonner000000000000000000
Matt Arrington000000000000000000
Michael Manning000000000000000000
Mike Bryan Jr000000000000000000
Mike Bryan Sr000000000000000000
MIKE HEALY000000000000000000
MIKE POLLEN000000000000000000
Ben Milam000000000000000000
Ben Scott000000000000000000
Chris Miller000000000000000000
Daniel Sellers000000000000000000
Derrick Percival000000000000000000
Jimmy Mills000000000000000000
John Guice000000000000000000
John Taylor000000000000000000
Keith Jackson000000000000000000
Lee Laster000000000000000000
MIKE RATTLER000000000000000000
NICK STROUD000000000000000000
Phil Williams000000000000000000
R.A Headges000000000000000000
RA HEDGES000000000000000000
Robert Edwards000000000000000000
Robert Ellis000000000000000000
Robert Taylor000000000000000000
Rodney E. Alford000000000000000000
Scott Askins000000000000000000
Shane Lilly000000000000000000
Sherman Jett000000000000000000
Tim Keller000000000000000000
TOM BEST000000000000000000
Tony Hightower000000000000000000
Trey Degracia000000000000000000
TYRONE COLBERT000000000000000000
WALDO IKIRIKO000000000000000000
Walker Sanderson000000000000000000
WALT SPICER000000000000000000

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