Date(s) - 10/19/2021
8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Singing Hills Sycuan

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California Qualifiers Score Card


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Alberto Santana000000000000000000
Austin Kokin000000000000000000
Ben Lange000000000000000000
Bernard Dixon000000000000000000
Bobby Quezada000000000000000000
Brian Martinson000000000000000000
Brian Taylor000000000000000000
Bruce Watson000000000000000000
Charles Taylor000000000000000000
Chase Colvin000000000000000000
Chris Ingalls000000000000000000
Corey Crown000000000000000000
Daniel Meza000000000000000000
Danny Green000000000000000000
David June000000000000000000
Derek Barksdale000000000000000000
Don Myers000000000000000000
Ed Lasater000000000000000000
Ed Naranjo000000000000000000
Eric Tallaksen000000000000000000
Eric Topacio000000000000000000
Fred Smith000000000000000000
Gallen Walls000000000000000000
Gerald Paine000000000000000000
Greg Simmons000000000000000000
Herbie Pope000000000000000000
James Needy000000000000000000
James Riley000000000000000000
Jamie McAisac000000000000000000
Javier Maldonado000000000000000000
Jeff Fenstermacher000000000000000000
Jeremy Chambers000000000000000000
Jim Callahan000000000000000000
John Sandmeyer000000000000000000
Kabir Sheffa000000000000000000
Ken Dietrich000000000000000000
Kendal Korball000000000000000000
Kenny Walker000000000000000000
Kirk Thomson000000000000000000
Loren Murillo000000000000000000
Lou Lozano000000000000000000
Michael LeDay000000000000000000
Michael Stanley000000000000000000
Paul Stillwell000000000000000000
Richard Boyce000000000000000000
Richard Fields000000000000000000
Rudy Rangel000000000000000000
Ryan Dammann000000000000000000
Santino Sgambelluri000000000000000000
Stephan Santana000000000000000000
Steven Barrett000000000000000000
T.J. Lizama000000000000000000
Tatjana Omanovic000000000000000000
Terry Bodin000000000000000000
Tim Harmon000000000000000000
Tony Johnson000000000000000000

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