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Season 2 Regional Playoffs

Arizona Phoenix

California San Diego & Los Angeles

Florida Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa

Texas Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston


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Top 6 placing teams get invited to the National SuperHero Championship!

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Registration Deadline September 17th


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Playoff FAQ's

Q: Who will advance to the Season 2 SuperHero National Championship?
A:  The top 6 teams or top 30% (whichever is greater) from each League Playoff will be invited to play at the National Superhero Championship this Spring in San Diego.

Q: What if I cancel my Guardian or Active Tour Player status prior to the playoffs?

A: If you cancel your Guardian or Active Tour Player membership it will automatically cancel all future bookings including the playoff reservation.

Q: How did I qualify for the playoffs?
A:  The top 288 point earners in each league were invited to play in the Regional Qualifiers.

Q: Will my points make a difference if I qualify to play in the SuperHero Championship?
A:  Yes, your points will have a minor affect on your total strokes score in the SuperHero Championship.

Q: What if I qualify but I don’t have a team member available to participate?

A: No problem. Simply email and let us know you are looking for a teammate. Include your league and handicap. In the event there is an odd man out at the event, that player will still be able to play as a solo – however, the individual may not win the tournament as it is a team event.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 TEAMS, and the top 6 teams will be invited to advance to National.  If the individual has a score that is in the top 6 they will also be invited to advance.

Q: What is the format for regional playoffs?
A: 2-person best ball is a golf format for teams with two golfers.  Those two golfers play their own golf balls throughout, and the lower score between them on each hole counts as the team score.  Example: If Player A makes a 4 and Player B scores a 6 on the first hole, the team score on Hole 1 is 4.  Each team is responsible for writing down each player’s individual GROSS score per hole.

Q: Will we be using handicaps?
A: Yes.  However teams must not have more than a 5-stroke spread on handicaps, and the maximum accepted HC for the playoffs is 24.

Example: A 24 HC player cannot play with a 5 HC and remain a 24 HC; they would play as a 10 HC to maintain the 5-stroke spread.   20HC could play with a 15HC or a 24HC. 

If players with greater than 5 stroke HC spread still desire to play together, the high HC player will be adjusted to within 5 strokes of the lower HC player.  In addition, if a player’s gross individual score is greater than 5 strokes from the stated handicap, HGT reserves the right to update the handicap for the National Championship should the player advance.

Q: I am over 65 years old; what tees will we play from? 
A: Tee assignment is specific to each Regional Qualifier Course, but over 65 players (Seniors) play from one tee box up. No super-senior modification is provided. Amputee Heroes play from senior tees.

Q: My friend plays with us at Hero Golf Tour events but did not get an invitation. Can they play in the Regional Playoff?
A: It is possible that his spam filter blocked the email invitation. Simply contact us via email at, and we can verify eligibility.

Q: How much does playing in the Regional Playoff cost?
A:  The ticket price for all Guardians is free but will require a $25 deposit to hold the spot. All other tickets are $199.

Q: What is included in the ticket price? 
A: Greens Fee, Hero Games, Awards presentation, and buffet lunch.  Additionally, all participants will receive a Hero Golf Tour hat and challenge coin.

Q: Do Guardians get a free ticket to the Regional Playoffs?
A: YES.  As a Guardian, your ticket for the Regional Playoff is free.

Q: Is there a deposit required for Guardians?
A: Yes – $25 deposit is required for this playoff event to hold the spot.

Q: I purchased a ticket for the regional but I want to cancel. Will I receive a refund?

A: If you cancel at least 30 days prior to the event date you will receive a full refund.  Playoff tournaments require additional resources and reservations such as food and beverage. Because of these factors, the golf courses require us to guarantee numbers 30 days out.

Q: Will there be marshals on the course to monitor play?
A: No.
The 2-person best ball format allows for self-monitoring. In the event of a disagreement or potential rules infraction, a solution will be decided by the “Rules Committee,” consisting of at least one member of the golf course staff, one member from the Hero Golf Tour staff, and the Regional Director hosting the playoff round.  Rules committee members will be announced before the start of the tournament, and any decision this committee provides will be final and binding.

Q: Are additional costs associated with the Regional Playoffs tournament above and beyond the ticket price?
A: No additional costs. The ticket price includes Golf, Hero Games, the Awards Lunch, trophies (if you place), hats, and the specially made challenge coin for this year’s playoffs.  Travel or lodging costs are not included.

Q: What kind of prizes will be awarded at the Regional Playoffs?
A: Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams. Hero Games will include chances to win a trip for 2 to Pebble Beach with a HIO, and a trip for 2 to Hawaii on the putting green! Also, all participants will receive a Hero Golf Tour hat and 2022 challenge coin.

Q: Can I bring a friend or family member as a “spectator”?  
A: Spectators are not permitted during the round.

Q: I have points from Season 2 that qualify me to play in a Regional, but I don’t live in that city anymore. Can I just pick a different one close to me?
A: If you would like to change the League you are assigned to, please email

Q: If I cancel my Guardian Tour status, will I still be able to attend the playoffs?
A: Cancellation of membership status will automatically forfeit your spot at the playoffs and delete your points earned. 

Q: If I advance to the Championship, but my team member can’t go, can I have an alternate?
A: In the event a qualified player is unable to play for any reason, a substitute player may be provided with the following rules:

  • The player must have attended a regional playoff.
  • Player substitution must be submitted in writing via email and approved by the Hero Golf Tour administration before the National Championship.

Q: I am an employee with Hero Golf Tour, but I am also a Veteran. Can I play in the Regional Playoffs?
A: Employees of the Hero Golf Tour are not eligible to participate in the playoffs.

Q: Where and when is the National SuperHero Championship?
A: National SuperHero Championship is planned for March 2023 at a beautiful golf course resort in San Diego, California.  The exact location, dates, and additional details will be announced after the Regional Qualifier events are completed in November 2022.  Guardians will be given free access.  All participating players are responsible for travel and lodging. 

Q: What will be offered to the winners of the SuperHero Championship?
A: Winners will be honored with special trophies and recognition on the website as the SuperHero Champions until the following Season 3 SuperHero Championship.

Q: Will the National SuperHero Championship be free for Guardians who advance at the Regional Qualifier?
A: YES! Championship greens fees and many other perks will be provided free to Guardian Tour Players that advance. 

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