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Hero Golf Tour Playoffs

Texas Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston

California San Diego

Georgia and Alabama Birmingham and Atlanta

Florida Jacksonville and Orlando

Secure your playoff spot

Season (1) of the Hero Golf Tour was a major success!  Over 100 tournaments were hosted and made free for our Heroes.  We plan to host over 500 tournaments for season (2) and continue to offer free admission to all our Heroes. Participating in special events like the playoffs and purchasing a ticket gives you a chance to support this mission further and help continue to build a strong community that enhances the daily lives of our Heroes.  

The Hero Games will be upgraded and required to advance to the Super Hero Championship which may be purchased at registration.  Choosing to participate in the Hero Games is a way to partner with us and have a direct contribution in maintaining these tournaments.  All participating players who qualified for the playoffs will be receiving a Hero Golf Tour Commemorative Challenge Coin.  We look forward to seeing you in the playoffs and championship!

Playoff details

Season One of the Hero Golf Tour is complete and the playoffs are upon us. There will be 8 territories represented; Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Orlando, and San Diego.

Every player will receive a Hero Golf Tour challenge coin for qualifying into the playoffs.

Compete with other 1st place winners.

40 teams from the playoffs will advance into the Super Hero Championship where there will be over $100,000 in cash prizes via contest, specialized trophies, and upgraded challenge coins.

The winning teams from each territory will receive customized Hero Golf Tour Bags

Four-man best ball played with split Foursomes

Become the Super Hero Champions

Registration ends September 16th

Need a Team? If you are looking for people to play with, you can post on the forums and communicate with other players


Q: Do we get Tour Card points for the Regional Championships and Super Hero Championship?

A: Yes, you receive points for playing the Hero Games. The Regional Playoffs and Super Hero Championship will have special games with enhanced prizes.

Q: Do we have to play with the team we originally qualified with? 

A: No, there will be a list of players who qualified on the website that you may choose from. 

Q: What if one of our players is unable to make it to the tournament? 

A: Once teams are created, any absent players will decrease the size of the team and no replacements will be made. In the case multiple teams have absent players, groups may be reassigned for play purposes, but the scores will still be calculated based on the original teams. 

Q: Are there any additional costs to play in the Regional Championships and/or Super Hero Championships?

A: There will be a fee charged for reserving your ticket which includes all golf, range, and lunch.  As standard practice in our tournaments, Hero Games entries and raffle tickets will be paid during tournament check-in ($75).  The Hero Games are required to advance to the championship round. The additional charges will be used to offset costs associated with the enhanced prizes and awards. 

Q: What’s the format? I’m unfamiliar with a 4-man best ball with split foursomes.

A: A 4-man best ball is where each member of a team plays their own ball, and the lowest hole score among the team members is recorded as the score for the team. A split foursome is two of the four will play with a twosome from another team with each keeping score for the opponent. All cards will be turned in and final positions calculated by Hero Golf Tour staff.

Q: When will we receive our invitations to the Super Hero Championship if we win?

A: You will know immediately after the tournament whether or not you have qualified for an invitation to the SHC and a personal formal invitation will be received shortly after your Regional Championship.

Q: Will there be a specific hotel where players will stay and activities will occur?

A: The Hero Golf Tour staff will be working with local hotels to arrange for group rates, but each group will be responsible for arranging for their own accommodations.

Q: How do teams advance to the Super Hero Championship?

A: The top team from each territory will advance along with the top placing teams regardless of territory. 

Texas – San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston – (3) territory winners and (12) of the top placing teams.

Florida – Orlando and Jacksonville – (2) territory winners and (8) of the top placing teams.

Georgia & Alabama – Birmingham and Atlanta – (2) territory winners and (8) of the top placing teams.

California – San Diego – top (5) placing teams.

Q: What are the customized Hero Golf Tour bags and how do we get them?

A: The top team in each territory will receive customized Hero Golf Tour bags that are personalized. Bags will be ordered and delivered to the recipients at the National Championship Tournament. There will also be a select number of bags given as prize awards and one unique bag will be raffled at each regional tournament.  

Q: Is the field handicapped or flights?

A: No, this is a Gross score tournament.

Q: Many tournaments have practice rounds reserved for players who may come in early, does this tournament have practice rounds reserved for early arrivals?

A: Due to the varying schedules of arrival and personal decisions, it will be best for any players wishing to play a practice round to arrange with the course personally based on their individual travel plans.

Q: How is this different from a standard Hero Tournament?

A: Our Regionals and Super Hero Championship will be conducted with a flurry of fanfare and exciting activities to highlight just how special our Heroes are and how much they are appreciated! Don’t come at the last minute to these festivities, you’ll miss the excitement!

Texas Scorecard


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Aaron Adams000000000000000000
Aaron Fouts000000000000000000
Adam Jendrzey000000000000000000
Alan Todd000000000000000000
Alan Tristan000000000000000000
Albert Cerda000000000000000000
Alejandro Poncio000000000000000000
Alex Truong000000000000000000
Alexander Tovar000000000000000000
Andrew Oliver000000000000000000
Andy Adam000000000000000000
Anthony Blackmon000000000000000000
Anthony Collier000000000000000000
Anthony Henry000000000000000000
Anthony Overstreet000000000000000000
Art De La Garza000000000000000000
Arthur Pemberton000000000000000000
Benny Rodriguez000000000000000000
Bill Sanders000000000000000000
Blake Smith000000000000000000
Bobby Bell000000000000000000
Bobby Downs000000000000000000
Boyd Mooso000000000000000000
Brad Seed000000000000000000
Bradley Gilbert000000000000000000
Brett Linville000000000000000000
Brian Galbaith000000000000000000
Brian Johnson000000000000000000
Brian King000000000000000000
Brian Richison000000000000000000
Brian Schimmal000000000000000000
Bruce Chim000000000000000000
Calvin Durst000000000000000000
Carol Pryce000000000000000000
Casey Tiley000000000000000000
Charles Elwell000000000000000000
Chris Hoeppner000000000000000000
Chris Trochessett000000000000000000
Cliff Peterson000000000000000000
Conrad Mauffrey000000000000000000
Dan Perez000000000000000000
Daniel Jones000000000000000000
Darren Spurgeon000000000000000000
Dave Regier000000000000000000
David De La Cruz000000000000000000
David Hainley000000000000000000
David Selmon000000000000000000
David Siderdine000000000000000000
David Watts000000000000000000
DeCourey Carrawell000000000000000000
Denny Sanders000000000000000000
Don Ingram000000000000000000
Donny Walters000000000000000000
Douglas Perkins III000000000000000000
Drew McBride000000000000000000
Dustin Elam000000000000000000
Dustin Schnoover000000000000000000
Ed Andrade000000000000000000
Edward Perez000000000000000000
Edward Schnur000000000000000000
Edwin Fuh000000000000000000
Eric Chappell000000000000000000
Eric Jones000000000000000000
Gregory Hollowell000000000000000000
Gregory Mitchell000000000000000000
Hector Andrade000000000000000000
Henry Lewis000000000000000000
Homer Saenz000000000000000000
Hugo Stolte000000000000000000
Jacob Cochran000000000000000000
Jafet Suarez000000000000000000
Jake Spalding000000000000000000
James Anderson000000000000000000
James Conner000000000000000000
Jason Cano000000000000000000
Jay Mooso000000000000000000
Jeremy Balmonte000000000000000000
Jeremy Bunte000000000000000000
Jermare Clinton000000000000000000
Jesse Lopez000000000000000000
Jesse Shen000000000000000000
Jessie Berones000000000000000000
Jimmy Patton000000000000000000
John Carrion000000000000000000
John Roensch000000000000000000
John Solis Jr000000000000000000
John Tondre000000000000000000
John-Ryan Black000000000000000000
Josh Nelson000000000000000000
Josh Torres000000000000000000
Joshua Begley000000000000000000
Joshua Tankersley000000000000000000
Karol Matlock000000000000000000
Kenneth Gant000000000000000000
Kent Guy000000000000000000
Kirk Tolliver000000000000000000
Kyle Gruber000000000000000000
Kyle Hellpap000000000000000000
Lance Brown000000000000000000
Landon Thiem000000000000000000
Larry Hagdorn000000000000000000
Larry McWhorter000000000000000000
Larry Pulliam000000000000000000
Lee Oliver000000000000000000
Liffort Hobley000000000000000000
Manny Caballero000000000000000000
Manuel Caballero Sr000000000000000000
Mark Reyna000000000000000000
Mark Wood000000000000000000
Marty Evans000000000000000000
Matt Holsworth000000000000000000
Maurice Rue-Whitfield000000000000000000
Michael Freeman000000000000000000
Michael Furrh000000000000000000
Mike Adcock000000000000000000
Mike Agonis000000000000000000
Mike Romero000000000000000000
Nathan Alvarado000000000000000000
Nathan Isbell000000000000000000
Owen Sturman000000000000000000
Patrick Fong000000000000000000
Paul Buckholder000000000000000000
Paul Chung000000000000000000
Pete Barela000000000000000000
Pete Chapa000000000000000000
Peter Johnson000000000000000000
Phillip Holt000000000000000000
Phillip Roberts000000000000000000
Ramon Trevino000000000000000000
Raul Bernal000000000000000000
Richard Helus000000000000000000
Richard Hu000000000000000000
Rick Rivera000000000000000000
Rob Nohrn000000000000000000
Robbie Yanowski000000000000000000
Robert Erwin000000000000000000
Robert Goff000000000000000000
Robert Ramirez000000000000000000
Robert Rodriguez000000000000000000
Rod Sims000000000000000000
Ron Farren000000000000000000
Ronald Guion000000000000000000
Royce Worrel000000000000000000
Russell Brevick000000000000000000
Ryan Johnson000000000000000000
Ryan Odom000000000000000000
Ryan Villarreal000000000000000000
Sam Rodriguez000000000000000000
Sergio Garcia000000000000000000
Seth McMillan000000000000000000
Stephen Hodge000000000000000000
Stephen Santini000000000000000000
Stephen Troncoso000000000000000000
Steve Cantu000000000000000000
T.J. Glover000000000000000000
Terry Hollingshead000000000000000000
Thomas Davies000000000000000000
Thomas Dunn000000000000000000
Tony Athans000000000000000000
Tookie Guerrero000000000000000000
Travis Smith000000000000000000
Troy Lard000000000000000000
Van Postell000000000000000000
Victor Rangel000000000000000000
Will Darling000000000000000000
Will Hogan000000000000000000
Winston Robinson000000000000000000

Florida Scorecard


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Anthony Scaggs000000000000000000
Ariel Correa000000000000000000
Donnie Harper000000000000000000
Gene Perrino000000000000000000
James Mannino000000000000000000
Jammie Jones000000000000000000
Jason Blanton000000000000000000
Jeff Reed000000000000000000
Jeff Steinberg000000000000000000
John Malsberger000000000000000000
John Peeling000000000000000000
Jon Nagel000000000000000000
Judith Benjamin000000000000000000
Justin Wood000000000000000000
Kenneth Lewis000000000000000000
Kevin Rose000000000000000000
Leroy Reed000000000000000000
Mike Kepner000000000000000000
Mike Yates000000000000000000
Paul Bowman000000000000000000
Robert Ortiz Lopes000000000000000000
Rodney Meyer000000000000000000
Saisuni Meyer000000000000000000
Scott Mandigo000000000000000000
Steve Steadman000000000000000000
Taylor Barrett000000000000000000
Tim Liston000000000000000000
Tom Kidd000000000000000000
Travis Sanders000000000000000000
Vic Abuzov000000000000000000
William Velez000000000000000000
Adam Fox000000000000000000
Al Wright000000000000000000
Alfonso Moreno000000000000000000
Alvin Thompson000000000000000000
Apollo Pedersen000000000000000000
Bob Zinchuk000000000000000000
Brandon Good000000000000000000
Brittany Bradley000000000000000000
C.W. Price000000000000000000
Chris Younger000000000000000000
Daryl Jones000000000000000000
Denny Moorehead000000000000000000
Eddie Pearson000000000000000000
Evan Vickers000000000000000000
Fred Ferguson000000000000000000
Fred Wheeler000000000000000000
James Brookman000000000000000000
Jason Sparks000000000000000000
Jim Smith000000000000000000
Joe Cornish000000000000000000
John Ford000000000000000000
John Pearson000000000000000000
John Sherrill000000000000000000
Jose Diaz000000000000000000
Jose Perez000000000000000000
Ken Emanuel000000000000000000
Kevin Martinez000000000000000000
Kyle Dingman000000000000000000
Larry Bristow000000000000000000
Lewis Akins000000000000000000
Mark Stewart000000000000000000
Marlin Howley000000000000000000
Matt Martin000000000000000000
Michael Magin000000000000000000
Michael McLean000000000000000000
Mike Batten000000000000000000
Mike Corcoran000000000000000000
Morrey Cooksie000000000000000000
Pat Bowen000000000000000000
Paul Watson000000000000000000
Pete Singleton000000000000000000
Phil Vickers000000000000000000
Ralph Kauzlarich000000000000000000
Raymond Lutzen000000000000000000
Robert Harding000000000000000000
Robert McClellan000000000000000000
Ryan Vickers000000000000000000
Sam Bass000000000000000000
Scott Armbrister000000000000000000
Shawn Graham000000000000000000
Sherrod Younge000000000000000000
Stanley Peters000000000000000000
Steve Toomey000000000000000000
Tannor Tenopir000000000000000000
Taylor Yerby000000000000000000
Tony Evans000000000000000000
Tracy Lecy000000000000000000
Troy Denson000000000000000000
William Randolph000000000000000000

Georgia & Alabama Scorecard


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Allen Blackwell000000000000000000
Ashby ALexander000000000000000000
CECIL MEADOWS000000000000000000
CLEVELAND GARY000000000000000000
CLIFF MCKINNEY000000000000000000
CRAIG PARSONS000000000000000000
DON GOWING000000000000000000
DONALD BURNS000000000000000000
Ector Walker000000000000000000
ELCEE BURKE000000000000000000
Ellis Jones000000000000000000
GARY GIBSON000000000000000000
Greg Williams000000000000000000
Jack WEbb000000000000000000
James Porter000000000000000000
JC Hall000000000000000000
JD KENT000000000000000000
Josh King000000000000000000
JUSTIN D’AGOSTINO000000000000000000
KENNETH SEATON000000000000000000
KEVIN NORRIS000000000000000000
Lawrence Usher000000000000000000
Lee Butler000000000000000000
Marty Bonner000000000000000000
Matt Arrington000000000000000000
Michael Manning000000000000000000
Mike Bryan Jr000000000000000000
Mike Bryan Sr000000000000000000
MIKE HEALY000000000000000000
MIKE POLLEN000000000000000000
Ben Milam000000000000000000
Ben Scott000000000000000000
Chris Miller000000000000000000
Daniel Sellers000000000000000000
Derrick Percival000000000000000000
Jimmy Mills000000000000000000
John Guice000000000000000000
John Taylor000000000000000000
Keith Jackson000000000000000000
Lee Laster000000000000000000
MIKE RATTLER000000000000000000
NICK STROUD000000000000000000
Phil Williams000000000000000000
R.A Headges000000000000000000
RA HEDGES000000000000000000
Robert Edwards000000000000000000
Robert Ellis000000000000000000
Robert Taylor000000000000000000
Rodney E. Alford000000000000000000
Scott Askins000000000000000000
Shane Lilly000000000000000000
Sherman Jett000000000000000000
Tim Keller000000000000000000
TOM BEST000000000000000000
Tony Hightower000000000000000000
Trey Degracia000000000000000000
TYRONE COLBERT000000000000000000
WALDO IKIRIKO000000000000000000
Walker Sanderson000000000000000000
WALT SPICER000000000000000000

California Scorecard


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Alberto Santana000000000000000000
Austin Kokin000000000000000000
Ben Lange000000000000000000
Bernard Dixon000000000000000000
Bobby Quezada000000000000000000
Brian Martinson000000000000000000
Brian Taylor000000000000000000
Bruce Watson000000000000000000
Charles Taylor000000000000000000
Chase Colvin000000000000000000
Chris Ingalls000000000000000000
Corey Crown000000000000000000
Daniel Meza000000000000000000
Danny Green000000000000000000
David June000000000000000000
Derek Barksdale000000000000000000
Don Myers000000000000000000
Ed Lasater000000000000000000
Ed Naranjo000000000000000000
Eric Tallaksen000000000000000000
Eric Topacio000000000000000000
Fred Smith000000000000000000
Gallen Walls000000000000000000
Gerald Paine000000000000000000
Greg Simmons000000000000000000
Herbie Pope000000000000000000
James Needy000000000000000000
James Riley000000000000000000
Jamie McAisac000000000000000000
Javier Maldonado000000000000000000
Jeff Fenstermacher000000000000000000
Jeremy Chambers000000000000000000
Jim Callahan000000000000000000
John Sandmeyer000000000000000000
Kabir Sheffa000000000000000000
Ken Dietrich000000000000000000
Kendal Korball000000000000000000
Kenny Walker000000000000000000
Kirk Thomson000000000000000000
Loren Murillo000000000000000000
Lou Lozano000000000000000000
Michael LeDay000000000000000000
Michael Stanley000000000000000000
Paul Stillwell000000000000000000
Richard Boyce000000000000000000
Richard Fields000000000000000000
Rudy Rangel000000000000000000
Ryan Dammann000000000000000000
Santino Sgambelluri000000000000000000
Stephan Santana000000000000000000
Steven Barrett000000000000000000
T.J. Lizama000000000000000000
Tatjana Omanovic000000000000000000
Terry Bodin000000000000000000
Tim Harmon000000000000000000
Tony Johnson000000000000000000

Questions about tournaments

Please reach out to the number provided in the details section of the tournament booking page.

If you or someone you know needs help

All Military Professional Counseling/Mentoring and Family Support services are provided at no cost.
Call our Military & First Responders PTSD Hotline:
833-287-3787 (National Toll-Free)