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Hero guardian Corporate League A Christian business network dedicated to helping save our Heroes

The Hero Guardian Corporate League is a group of businesses who love golf and have decided to help support our Heroes.

By joining this prestigious group of businesses, you’ll be able to show your support for our Heroes, have fun golfing, increase revenue, and enjoy the fellowship of other like minded business.



per month

Business Guardian

Supports our Heroes

(2) “title sponsor tournaments” per year themed for your company 

Website logo on the league page

Business sign on a hole at each league tournament

Recognition at each tournament

Exclusive access to Guardians

Breakfast with other Guardians once a month

Twosome per tournament

Industry Exclusivity


per month

Corporate Guardian

All Business Guardian benefits.

We’ll hand out your business collateral to all players


per month

Executive Guardian

All Business/Corporate Guardians benefits

Large banner at registration on all events

Table at registration – personal access to all players

List of all players

Large website logo on the league page

Small logo on the event page

Putting green sign on all events


How do the golf tickets work?
Every Guardian will be provided with a twosome on each League Tournament.

Who can use the tickets?
Golf tickets may be used for whomever the Guardian chooses.  

What type of branding will my business receive?
Website logos will be found at the bottom of each League Page with links to the Guardian’s desired location.  Executive Guardians will retain the most prominent logo listing on each League Page.  The title sponsor for each tournament will get their Logo/Link added to the corresponding event registration page.

How do the Business Signs work on each tournament
We’ll supply your business with a sign to be presented at each League Tournament at a hole.

How do the monthly meetings work?
There will be a monthly breakfast or lunch meeting, typically hosted at the golf course before or after a tournament.  Guardians will have a chance to socialize and learn how they can further help save our Heroes.  All expenses will be covered by the Golf Tour.

What does industry exclusivity mean?
Guardians will enjoy an industry exclusivity. Classifications will include specific business and professional industries. All members will be in agreement with the Acts Ministry Statement of Faith.


What does a Title Sponsor event mean?
Each Guardian will receive up to (2) Title Sponsor events per year, (1) every (6) months.  A Title Sponsor will receive the following benefits.

  1. The title of the tournament will be named after the title sponsors company
  2. The Title Sponsor will be given an additional (2) foursomes to invite to the tournament.
  3. The Title Sponsor may produce multiple forms of media via video, picture,  article, etc.
  4. The Title Sponsor may use that media for promotional purposes.
  5. The Title Sponsor will receive extra recognition and have a chance to speak if a player meeting is possible.  (Shotgun Start)

Corporate Guardian:

A Corporate Guardian will enjoy all the benefits as a Business Guardian.  In Addition, they will be able to bring collateral to each tournament that will be handed out by the HGT team during registration.

Executive Guardian:

Executive Guardians will receive all the benefits of a Business/Corporate Guardians.  They will also be added to the registration process and will get a chance to speak with each player directly creating an opportunity for lead generation.  They will also get a larger sign.

If you or someone you know needs help

All Military Professional Counseling/Mentoring and Family Support services are provided at no cost.
Call our Military & First Responders PTSD Hotline:
833-287-3787 (National Toll-Free)

Questions about tournaments?

Please reach out to 833-287-3787

Hero Golf Tour