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Golf free on the tour by activating your tour status. 

  1.  Register with the site for free
  2.  Log back in and Activate your Tour Status
  3.  Choose the desired league
  4.  Pick which tournament you would like to attend
  5.  Reserve an “Active Tour Player” ticket.
  6.  You may reserve a VIP Tour Ticket if you do not wish to Activate your Tour Status

Need Help Registering?

Activate tour status



Monthly Donation


Free Golf on the Tour

$30 Off Every Hero Games Purchase

When you participate in the Hero Games
Your score is recorded
Receive points for the leaderboards and playoff qualifications
 Chance to win $200-$10,000 on the putting, hole-in-one, G22, and F22
Access to the Hero Zones
Your scorecard is published on the League page (coming soon)
 Published history of all tournaments and scores (coming soon)
Receive a Tour Handicap (coming soon)

Support our Mission to Save Lives

Questions about tournaments

Please reach out to the number provided in the details section of the tournament booking page.

If you or someone you know needs help

All Military Professional Counseling/Mentoring and Family Support services are provided at no cost.
Call our Military & First Responders PTSD Hotline:
833-287-3787 (National Toll-Free)

Hero Golf Tour