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Championship Results 2021-2022 Placement based on fully qualified teams*


TeamAdjusted Gross ScoreTeam ScoreOutcome
Allen Blackwell0-26Playoff 1st Place
Alvin Thompson0-21Playoff 3rd Place
Andre Huston0-24Playoff 2nd Place
Charles Taylor0-24Playoff 2nd Place
James Riley0-24Playoff 2nd Place
Lance Jordan0-21Playoff 3rd Place
MICHAEL JAMES0-26Playoff 1st Place
Mike Adcock0-21Playoff 3rd Place
Mike Batten0-21Playoff 3rd Place
SAM PHOMVONGSA0-26Playoff 1st Place
Savalas Williams0-24Playoff 2nd Place
TYRONE COLBERT0-26Playoff 1st Place

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*In order to place, your team must have only used the score of qualified players that attended a playoff tournament with a placement.

Questions about tournaments

Please reach out to the number provided in the details section of the tournament booking page.

If you or someone you know needs help

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Call our Military & First Responders PTSD Hotline:
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